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We have been struggling to start this blog for over a year now.
We are struggling writing these words as we type… Not because we don’t have anything to say (anyone who has been in our office may have actually compared it to a visit to a chicken farm on prozac) BUT because we are a COLLECTIVE and if we could, we would ask about 200 people to contribute text to this on – because we like to nurture talents without hierarchy, we love to feed off others energy – we breathe because we are amongst creative giants – we wake up every day to hear about great ideas and see how best we can be part of them.In a time where the ME is being highly nurtured by all the yoga on Instagram (bless you bendy people), this COLLECTIVE likes to work on the US.

Like a contemporary stoic in tracksuit bottoms, we want to do our best to help you be the best so that we can all be amazing together. We do this by being flexible regarding our hiring of suppliers by forming small collectives to deliver the most unforgettable events based on what the client has asked us for. No event should be the same so why would the team be?

We, to sound smart, refer to our approach as CIRCULAR ECONOMY OF INTELLECTUAL RESOURCES. For those who do not drink vodka for breakfast, this means: we like to organise AMAZING EVENTS of all sizes, colours and budgets by combining personalities and ideas to make projects thrive.


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